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Quote: Originally Posted by driveslowk our legacy What size did you get the OL sweaters in?
Anyone see the chef Susur Lee wearing the Ervell "oxidization" shirt on Top Chef All Stars they other night?
Cool, thanks. Let me know how the size works when you get it. I'm thinking about ordering the cream one, but worried about the fit. Particularly the length.
What size did you order in the 6A Zissou?
I've tried lots of their stuff and agree that sizing down is necessary on pretty much everything. However, their knits are definitely slimmer than everything else. Sleeves are usually really slim and the head openings quite small. I would goo TTS on most of the knits. Which one are you thinking about?
Don't think it was mentioned in that blog post, but Mats, the owner, is Tyler Brule's boyfriend.
^^ sorry!
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Hm, mellow have you ever thought of 'upgrading' (for lack of a better word) your wardrobe? NDG is great no doubt, I have a trench that I wear from them almost religiously, but there are nicer items out there. You do exceptionally well with what you've got at the moment and those boots look awesome, but I wonder how nice your fits would be if you delved a bit more into ervell, mmm, lanvin or other high end designers and...
Thanks everyone! Yeah, Chrono is right, jeans and shoes are OL. So is everything else.
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