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Every pair's fades are different. I went to check them out in-store and found the 2 in my size had completely different fades, one was much darker with less distressing while the other was much lighter and the contrast of the distressing was greater. Comparing it to the other sizes, it's really inconsistent. I really liked the fades on mine but disliked almost all the other ones.
Can you please shoot me the measurements? I'm curious as to whether I can fit a Medium... Thanks
The store I went to had a ton of the jeans and I found that the difference in the distressing between pairs were significant. Some were a lot darker with minimal distressing while others actually looked like the GQ lookbook pics. I managed to find one in my size with the distressing done right. As for the fit, it is definitely not skinny, slim at max with a bit of taper. Oh and the thighs areas is a tad roomy. Not a bad fit for me as I can't squeeze into skinny jeans but... did a great analysis between the 2. Basically, the gap one is a boxier in the body and doesn't 'taper' like the JE Villain.M. Wahlberg: my account on Kanye forums isn't approved yet or else I'd post in there haha
Heads up to the SF fam. The GAP sweatpants either restocked or someone cancelled order because I just added one to cart and checked out. Good luck. Or it might just be a bug... who knows? Worth a shot.
Tried on the green crew gap collab and wasn't really feeling the colour. The quality was better than I expected. Anyone got an S in the gap collab villain that they're willing to part with? Hit me up, thanks
Sent you a PM
I used to go to Zeal Hair Salon at Aberdeen (Barney) and he did a good job on Asian style cuts. Since then I've been looking at more 'western' cuts and am very pleased with the results at JD's barbershop in Gastown. I went with Johnny for the first few times but due to scheduling conflicts, ended up with Travis. Both are amazing and I've had good results from them.
Anyone have experience altering/tailoring a leather ToJ piece? I lost weight and wanna take in the p2p and sides by an inch or so, and also shorten the jacket by 1-2 inches (I ordered it a bit too long )
my MDR is stuck at Canadian customs Hope it gets released soon!
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