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Sent you a PM
I used to go to Zeal Hair Salon at Aberdeen (Barney) and he did a good job on Asian style cuts. Since then I've been looking at more 'western' cuts and am very pleased with the results at JD's barbershop in Gastown. I went with Johnny for the first few times but due to scheduling conflicts, ended up with Travis. Both are amazing and I've had good results from them.
Anyone have experience altering/tailoring a leather ToJ piece? I lost weight and wanna take in the p2p and sides by an inch or so, and also shorten the jacket by 1-2 inches (I ordered it a bit too long )
my MDR is stuck at Canadian customs Hope it gets released soon!
Same here =(
Depends what you ordered.. but unlikely. None for me and this was week 15.
Sick sick! I should probably get mine in 1-3 weeks time then. Woots.I wonder how the 4th anniversary baseball would look like. Good thing school is over and I'll have $$ saved up
I ordered it in 7" but that was prior to working out. Biceps back then were 13' and are now at 13.5ish'. Will probably be a bit too small bit then again, it's probably too late to change. I'm getting my jacket this month so if you want to wait prior to ordering... I can let you know how it fits.Back on topic: Do you guys think its a bit repetitive to get a black calf moto if I already have a black lamb MDR (and black peacoat)? I'm not sure if I can rock some of the other...
TBH... it's not that hard to afford ToJ even if you work a shitty job. Friend of mine saved up close to 10k prior to starting university by starting work at 15/16 and saving up most of it. I know its possible because I've also slaved away on multiple pt-jobs throughout my 4 years of university (and a bit prior) and even after paying for 100% of my tuition and living expenses (lived at home, so no rent/dorm), I still had money left for miscellaneous spending.
FYI, week 12 on my 4zip lamb mdr and Charlie/Dan quoted 2-3 more weeks.FML, been working out and bulking recently.... I have a feeling the MDR won't fit when it comes Let's hope it stretches....at least a bit....
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