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This is just too funny! Great Pic!
Nice jackets! Any labeling on the first one?Loop collar shirts have been around since the 50's and faded away for the most part in the late 60's early 70's with the long pointed collars. Still show up today on what they call "camp shirts" and retro pieces. Easiest way to date is usually by the label, especially if it's a store brand.And dont worry too much about the boots...definitely not WW2 but fairly recent issue, and still can find at surplus stores in the $150 range.
Licensed 80's or 90's for sure, but being NWT it might do okay.
Whats funny is that I could tell Fueco was more ranting about his lack of knowledge. As noted, some of you have expertise or likes that make some of this thrifting easy...sometimes it's a crapshoot...thinking you got some great Ebay fodder, and then Ebay puts you in your place and proves to you that your knowledge sucks! As we all gain knowledge, some of us will learn to make a living off of it, others will fill their closets with quality and sometimes expensive...
Havent found much lately other than some nifty vietnam era shirts and boots, but did find these today and pretty happy bout these as my wife washed and dried my barely worn APC's recently and needed another pair of selvedge: First run Gap Selvage, japanese denim, made in italy - looks like one wash probably - keeper j crew flannel lined denim, nwt - keeper vintage Honda jersey - what years was this color scheme?
Granted..wasnt vintage clothing....I wasnt into it at that time...this was pottery, vintage furniture a la Frenchy, LP's anything I knew I could turn a swift profit...half the time I sold to dealers that would resell it right down the way from me...all fun...now I do not have the time or vehicle to do that kind of stuff anymore.Besides, that's what Ebay is for!
My guess was that Jamie was at the Rose Bowl Flea Market ("World's Largest Flea Market" so they say) - really an extension of vintage clothing stores, some ok deals to be found, but in general catering to those who are looking for that one cool vintage piece. I used to sell there before I got into vintage clothing, just collectibles and such...a slow day for me would have been 1-1.5k, but averaged 2.5 to 3k. Most of these vendors will end up putting this stuff on Ebay if...
Best I can tell, looks 40's to me and will do quite well even in it's condition.
So, this should be what a first poster should be doing, lurking, learning what is crap and what is nice, then posting what should be posted...not licensed crap, not "Lauren" Polo, etc.Great pickups and glad the thread has helped you figure out what's worth picking up and what to pass!
5 Guys is good, but In-N-Out set the standard for all others to meet. 5 Guys fries are great, and In-N-Out could take a lesson on the malt vinegar. Ballmouse! Serious? Whataburger? Bleh!
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