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Throwing a Diesel suede jacket up on ebay...anyone have an idea on when Diesel used this label?
You can antique them, but if your first try at it, you probably would be better off just cleaning and up keeping those shoes. And yes, gunboats do look good with a nice pair of dark jeans!
Do me a favor please! Rotate your photo's at least! I betcha that will get you more views too.
This would take so much time to make...obviously a true act of love or genius or stupidity...not quite sure.
SW & D finds...both new...unworn.John Varvatos Parisian Chelsea Boots [[SPOILER]] John Varvatos Fleetwood Boots ...missing laces, oh well [[SPOILER]] Guess it makes up for the all day bust in LA yesterday...still looking for a couple places LA guys...it's not like I would be there every week....maybe just once every two or three months! I promise I wont take all the good stuff!
Hey LA guys! Hook me up for another time....I went in to LA today and was skunked. Absolutely nothing at all worth buying. Not asking for your honey hole, just a couple spots that actually are worth driving 100 miles to... OMG Council Thrift shops are way expensive! Just a couple, thats all I ask!
One of my best record finds had 3 thrift store price tags, goodwill, a local thrift, and another local thrift....pristine condition with insert "beatles vs. four seasons" 47 cents...long gone as I turned a mighty profit on it.But it's now about patience...it seems for me at least...(and maybe a bit more cash)...the finds are still out there.
Yeah..when I saw the graphics on the duck tag, screamed 40s/50s, and with no zip code as mentioned above, confirms that for me...Nice bike as well...you mentioned changing out the bars but I would keep the handle bars, just change the grips.And if you ever do try to sell it...make sure you keep all the original parts!
Let me see the tags a bit better, may be older.
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