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And for the is correct as well.
So...consensus....flippable? "Hand tailored" but unvented...sweat guards, etc tho. but no ID on maker
Picked this guy up at a local thrift...I have been wanting one for the longest time, but wouldn't pull the trigger at a ebay price I crossed posted in the thrift store thread, but obviously they have no style over there! Now all i need to do is get the other eleven!
Dont forget Poco..they had some great songs as well!
Speakin of...just picked this one up myself...$2 bucks at a thrift!
Couple stores after work myself...some ok pickups...some bizarre, and one non clothing find that I thought I would never find in a thrift. couple nice Alden loafers - should clean up nicely RRL suspenders nice PRL jacket, unstructured, patch pockets And now for the bizarre! vintage wrestling boots - these are actually kinda nicely made...vinyl on outside, leather lined, headed to the bay and for the non clothing find...anyone else got one of these?
Aagh! DM7 is not in LA...I need to take a week off and make a's my only chance!
So, a few items today for me...$200 drained from Paypal Should be able to double with one item.For some reason I never find belts for I was happy with these:Trafalgar ( I always love the fact they tell you what and where the leather is from,) Coach, and Tommy Bahamacouple good summer beltsSpoo!This leather (pleather?) on this looks pretty cheap but the buckle is nice...vintage Versace? [[SPOILER]] What do we think on this buckle...real or fake?belt on it wasnt...
So actually it looks like it's actually Korean War vintage, from a USMC member. Found another shirt from same guy today that is WW2 vintage.
Yea, thats why i need to figure out what it me an idea of where the guy was stationed.
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