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Can I get a fabric content on this DAKS sportcoat i picked up today? Korean I believe...thought DAKS was licensed in Japan?
Deets on this please...
Always surprised when I find something that has been out for 3 days and no one kopped. These will end up in Thailand Or Malaysia I'm sure. Vintageheads will know how hot these are!
Malaysia? They have the hots for USA made Converse. Always on the look out for these but you can tell others are looking as well as the tongue of the shoe is lifted up to look for the newer tag.
If price was fair...at least you should pick up the NWT...any of them leather yoked?
Color, condition and style...it had all 3. Forgot to put on my watch list...I liked that one!
I think I asked this before, but does anyone have a Worthpoint account that I can get a value on something? "DD and Leslie Tillett shirt" would be the search...hit me up in PM if you can help me out. And yes, I used up the free seven day one... D.
Im sure it's the POLO!
Your welcome
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