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I think this was after he lost weight - measuring about a 46 it seems
Yeah - been searching for a bit...nada so far
So, guess this is nice in it's own way. I think a first for the thread, and forum too Swarovski? [[SPOILER]]
Thank you very much.
On an ebay the 8L drop make this a long? Doesn't seem to measure out from the pictures...
Is a Drop 8L in Isaia jackets mean it is a sized Long jacket? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
Authenticity check. Still thrifting West Coast style. sorry for sideways pic...
Tri Blend - much harder to find then regular 50/50...the rayon adds a premium if flipping.
Ready to watch the fireworks!
dug these out...too big for me, but hard to part with these are both have 1996 on them so pretty early on 1992 on this one
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