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Flat rate Priority should have been just about $25. It would fit in a flat rate bag I'm sure.Hey..and where did you ship that 1930's Striped sweater off to?
Dammit..just wasted 20 minutes of my life with that google search!
Yes...if puttin on the bay...list it as made in Japan as well.
Welcome to selling on eBay!
Spoo..way off on the Woolrich...late 40's most probably..maybe into the 50s
Not a bad price..he isnt just getting the lightbox, but everything pictured there...I like the fact it comes with different inserts as well.
Dark blue socks.
Cross Posted: Brand new Church's. If special ordered in US, will they be US sizing? Also, are these Walnut?
Hey...color help here...Walnut? Brand new Church's. Also, if special ordered in US, will they be US sizing?
He shops at NMLC it looks like.
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