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The Care Tag was required from 1971 on, so no issues with the Big E on this one. 100% legit.
I think this was after he lost weight - measuring about a 46 it seems
Yeah - been searching for a bit...nada so far
So, guess this is nice in it's own way. I think a first for the thread, and forum too Swarovski? [[SPOILER]]
Thank you very much.
On an ebay listing...is the 8L drop make this a long? Doesn't seem to measure out from the pictures...
Is a Drop 8L in Isaia jackets mean it is a sized Long jacket? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
Authenticity check. Still thrifting West Coast style. sorry for sideways pic...
Tri Blend - much harder to find then regular 50/50...the rayon adds a premium if flipping.
Ready to watch the fireworks!
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