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Nice pick up - is it shrunk to a large by chance?
For $9 bucks take the shot - mybet is it's real.
Fyi - just a point of knowledge - sorry i wasn't on when you posted...This is a Lee 191 unlined - the 191 LB usually had a corduroy neck and wool lined.This is much harder to find than the lined versions.I'm thinking early to mid 70s - I would have picked them up if they were cheap enough.I think Warehouse did a copy of this style a few years back.
For the life of me can't remember what brand this is. Anyone?
Picture please when you get it. My pup will be jealous.
The Care Tag was required from 1971 on, so no issues with the Big E on this one. 100% legit.
I think this was after he lost weight - measuring about a 46 it seems
Yeah - been searching for a bit...nada so far
So, guess this is nice in it's own way. I think a first for the thread, and forum too Swarovski? [[SPOILER]]
Thank you very much.
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