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Authenticity check. Still thrifting West Coast style. sorry for sideways pic...
Tri Blend - much harder to find then regular 50/50...the rayon adds a premium if flipping.
Ready to watch the fireworks!
dug these out...too big for me, but hard to part with these are both have 1996 on them so pretty early on 1992 on this one
Father's day gifts
No, these are true vintage, with a "Biltrite" heel. No marking anywhere except the stamped numbers in the sole footbed.
Yeah..hadn't had my morning coffee...but yeah, most likely 60's And yeah, 71 was last year of the Big E.Size of the patch does put it towards late 60's at least.
Jacket is a 70's version. True vintage.
And don't think that since it has shrunk that it loses value. Sizing has changed anyways...that large shirt from the sixties is more like a small medium nowadays. Girls wear smalls too.
Can I play? Recent finds. Not really adding to the knowledge except giving some examples of what's out there and some labels. No home runs here, but still some decent eBay fodder when I ever get to listing them: And yes, the Stussy is older, so I count it as vintage.
New Posts  All Forums: