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Made from the finest Italian suede and only get better with age. Unlined for a more casual feel. Bought these at the JCrew in Riverside Mall Hackensack NJ. Very comfortable. Only worn a few times. I realized the size was a bit big for me so bought a half size down instead. (7.5) These almost never go on-sale, and if they do its the colors nobody wants. These are the stone color. Check the pics.
Hats are for sissys You might as well get gloves and galoshes while your at it
for business. need to put together some quick, cheaper outfits for business casual look. What stores would/items would you guys recommend before i head down?
Its to the point that I cant help but think the jcrew buyer is a member of this forum Reveal yourself mole! We deserve a percentage of your purse for finding these brands
come again bows?
Stopped in jcrew on 5th avenue yesterday and saw not only Alden boots and spring court shoes but a barracuda harrington type jacket. wtf? Now i hear they’ll be teaming up with fjallraven. These are quality brands i have done the leg work to find. There is certain sense of ownership in the fact that not everyone knows these brands. Now any schmuck off the street just walks into a jcrew has these great brands at his disposal. stop jcrew. Go back to selling your overpriced...
better question is: how would you like a girl to undress?
Well good to hear. Cant believe everything you read on the internetz... thanks
can anyone comment on the quality. I read one review online guy said it falls apart easy. Best no be the case for a 350 dollar item...plus i really like it http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=...w=1216&bih=611
oh thanks didnt know...
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