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If it 's already dried you have to dunk the whole boot to make it look natural. Not a big deal.
Bro, leather patches. On the elbows. C'mon, bro.
Nan- Can you comment on the taper of the tees?
Censorship is pretty, pretty good.
Also, F a moderation, Let us be free to Speak.
Bros are there side seams one these b****es? I'm just asking.
Nice, that's nice. Do you know the taper of the tees?
By taper you mean the waist is smaller than the chest? That is good news. Can you post measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I could make you MTM tee shirts, but you'd have to order 1000 of them at a time. (0) How much per shirt? (0)
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