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Does anybody in here on a "CC Collection" by Corneliani suit and can compare it's quality to Corneliani's higher-end lines ? Are they fully fused or at least half-canvassed and what do they averagely retail for ?
^ So they're neither under- nor overdesigned, but simply a "design abortion" ? Whoa. You hurt me "bro". PS: When did you discover your rage for writing in quotation marks ? Pre- or post-... you know what. ( You can PM me if you consider that question too intimate of course... )
I love them and find them rather minimalistic ( except the lace-loop ) than overdesigned. PS: Who is "we" ? Shemale United F.C. ?
Although a lot of people in here ( especially American folks ) are obviously of the opinion that a shoe should look EITHER dressy OR sporty, i.e. should EITHER be a dress shoe OR a sneaker, I personally appreciate shoes which are able to do the splits between dressy AND sporty. When I got out clubbing, I neither wear a normal sneaker ( too sporty ), nor a real, heeled dress shoe ( to uncomfortable ), but mostly those Dries Van Noten "hybrids":
Interested in measurements as well
I actually like them in the pic and even prefer them to the "traditional" version with the fugly rubber-colored sole... Does somebody know if they're also available in all white ?
^ You can make those without GATs and a Jada Fire ( or Flower Tucci ) DVD, because you're a s(kunk).
Could I please see a bigger worn pic ? ( Preferably both front- and back view )
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May MMM carryall. I love the bag ( and Margiela in general ). I own two duffel bags/weekenders myself ( Floto and Neil Barrett ), find them highly verstatile, quite handy and use them on a weekly basis. To be honest, I'd even be up the creek without a paddle without them. I use them for the university, sports activities, trips/holidays, when I crash at my friends' place and sometimes even when I go...
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