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Do you guys have any idea how big the approximate length-difference between a dress shoe ( N.D.C., to be exact... ) in let's just say 43.5 and 44 is ? Probably difficult to generalize, huh ?
Hoooooly shit... I think I'd be itching to buy them if the number of occasions I could wear them on wasn't less than about 5-10 times a year... ( and if you'd exchange the €- for a $-sign ) Quote: Originally Posted by chiggah what is a size 29 equivalent to for diors ? about 32-33 in nudies ? Naaaah... 40.5cm would be equivalent to a NEW pair of Nudies in size 30-31 ( depending on cut and wash ). I wrote NEW in capitals since the...
Anyone ?
If I remember correctly, I've even seen a private photo of Dries wearing them in public at some point. I think it was when he visited the 'Modo Bruxellae Award' in Brussels/Belgium in 2009... *Rubs salt into the wound*
Quote: Originally Posted by Azure They are slimer and look better on a 30 guy. Although I'm not in my 30's yet, this ( besides the price aspect ) is also one of the reasons for my interest... Quote: Originally Posted by Toorman Trend and CC are sportier diffusion lines. You are trading a little quality (full canvass, quality fabrics) for more modern styling and pricing. So... are the "CC Collection" suits...
No matter if hand- or machine- made/sewn ( for all I care they could even be foot-made ), the Blue Chambray Shirt looks pretty good...
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong what are those? pumas? (1) Dries Van Noten. Surprising, huh ? Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Those are the mullet version of a shoe. Business in front, party in the back. That's why I bought them and why they come in handy on certain ( obviously EUROPEAN ) occasions.
I'm even so hurt that I'm thinking about buying a second pair in white with beige-colored stripes ! Unfortunately, they're only available in those two colors...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Shut the fuck up you idiot. The last time I was so scared was when my neighbor's severely handicapped, limbless chihuahua rabidly barked at me and tried to bite me on the foot... Back to topic: I really want some Orlebar Brown "Setter" or "Bulldog" swim shorts ( or something similar ).
User Uncontrol replied with "To be completely honest, I have the hots for "her"."
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