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75 minutes to go... Glad "Jogi" (provided that the info is correct and that he won't change his mind at the very last moment ) has the balls to replace the rather underwhelming Podolski and Müller (two of three reasons why our attacking game - despite the three victories - was often lacking creativity in the group stage and why we couldn't push through our quick one-touch style of play as usual) by Andre Schürrle and my favourite player Marco Reus - voted Bundesliga's...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Japanese brand called Ringhio. Don't know too much about them, but they seem to be good quality. Hmmm... never heard of that brand before and neither does Google, but yeah, they look decently made as far as I can judge from the pic. Do you have another pic that shows the boot's profile/side view ?
^ Go for it. Those are great. Nice and slim shape/silhouette, not too distressed, tuck-approved ( especially considering that you're one of the very few guys in here who does the tuck properly ) - that's how I like it... What are they ?
^ Please do this test and announce the result: Don't you dare to cheat !
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix guy on the right would look awesome if it weren't for the glasses and yellow sneakers. That shirt, vest and pants look real nice. LOL If someone would have told me that there's ONE guy - among 65,670 SF users - who likes this fit and asked me to venture a guess, I would have bet on you ( 0 )
I'm in Paris from Friday - Monday. Anyone else going ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol they're women's, lol you would need to be like a size 4 men's to get into those Alden doesn't make women's boots to my knowledge ( please correct me if I'm wrong ). Also see description: Quote: Originally Posted by description The difficult part is establishing the size, because Alden is a mens company, these are marked 4.5 M, which should translate to around a 6 or 6.5 in womens sizing....
Any really tiny-footed guys in here ?
^ He didn't open/deleted them...
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you saw mary kate olsen with my gf at barneys on madison. Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah what was your gf doing at barneys with MK ? I guess 'olsen' is a verb and means something like 'chilling' !?
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