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Quote: Originally Posted by ranker I'd argue otherwise. If you're fleshing out your wardrobe, I'd go quantity over quality. Once you've built enough of a wardrobe to the point where you can wear a different suit for each day of the week, only then would I go for quality and slowly replace each suit at a time with a better one. I'm not sure how people would enjoy wearing the same two suits for a lengthy period of time until they can add another one...
cant say that I do. I reserve compliments for the ladies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crosstalker I have the same suit, and most light colors go fine with it. I'd stay away from all shades of green, though. Your skin color will have some impact on whether yellow is feasible. I have olive skin, and wearing a yellow shirt with a dark suit makes me look like some sort of 70s game show host. light blue works for me
Quote: Originally Posted by SaintClair Ohh no, please no never have done that in my life..
Quote: Originally Posted by neeZy normally twice a week - once on thursday, and once on friday or saturday.... ive been spending the good ol quality time with the girlfriend recently, so Ive cut my going out in half. Amazingly I have also saved about 200-300 over the last month not going out lol.
Going out with the co-workers this Thursday...havent been in about a month. Im curious to see my tolerance level for happy hour.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher 5 Guys is probably the most overrated fast food I've ever had. agreed and overpriced.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jimmyleaf Hey everyone, just wondering you guys have any good recs on where to eat and things to do there. Going there with a couple of friends and its our first time going there and we have absolutely no clue on what to do. Any advice/recs would be appreciated. Thanks! Va Beach Town Center area has all the resturants and bars you could ever want. when are you headed down there?
Some very interesting links here. I found a few that inspire me though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tensomoko Hey guys I posted a topic regarding interview suits a while ago, I know many people recommended against black, but I found a suit for 300 dollars that fit me perfectly that was decent quality, Versace mainline. It is black but it has thick about 1/4 inch width alternating dark navy stripes on it, that to be perfectly honest looks black in normal lighting as far as I can see, noting I'm not that much into style,...
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