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meh. preferred the victor & rolf collab
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Does anyone have any information on the quality of these shoes? seen these dotted around berlin..nice german shoes albeit a hungarian name
Quote: Originally Posted by ninjanine I'm looking for a bag, a RRL military-style duffle bag, army-green with Navy insignia on it. I think it was featured on Gilt about a year ago. Anyone know the bag I mean? Have a pic or a link? I seen some military green duffle bags at Bicester Village on the w/end but didn't inspect them closer. Going back soonish. Picked up a nice knit beau-tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i am wearing ccp fencing, chainstitched jeans and tornados so i wouldn't even post. would be like barry bonds entering a 7th grade homerun hitting contest. or winning first in the special olympics
done right it looks ok harris tweed or a child of the jago vest
the tube
Go to an upscale charity shop and pick up a tweed blazer with aim to tear it up, source a pattern/pic or a vest/waistcoat you like - bring it to a tailor's or talented friend and voila.
i'm wearing a bespoke leather mozetta (cape), a chrome mask, dying hair silver & some steampunk clothes
the Child of the Jago sweater would look better with white ceramic flies on them
Sporadic changeups; Some pieces every week - other purchases I don't wear for months for some reason, cue: ties, shoes & jackets as I like the way they hang in my room. There are some signature pieces I keep season after season (sentimental McQueen, for instance). But I have been getting acquainted with charity shops this year.
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