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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Not on board with either. I don't think a boot as chunky as the left should be a wingtip and the right is just terrible execution of an interesting idea. It's nice to see Lodger making a foray into more mainstream market; usually reserved for Mayfair types with money to blow on 700gbp limited edition albeit beautiful one skin shoes. I quite lyketh the chunky soles to add grippage from the mean greasy...
donkeh is sold out in my size Anyone been to the Army Gym? A pic I took stealthily in 14oz last year of NC stawk:
recently decided future purchases: waiting for these to go on sale in a few weeks' time: <-- Lodger <-- DS Dundee
reserved this puppy online but may just sit outside the shop in islington for open doors:
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy And I've wanted the clip jacket forever, but other purchases keep on getting in the way. If anyone gets me this in a Eu50, I'll let them post a bunch of special flower threads: i know where you can get it in a eu52 / 450gbp
don't own as much as I would like - best brick and mortar shop with most extensive stawk is 14oz in Berlin. Present-London is pretty good too. Bought this jacket the other week from a uk online co having a specific nc sale:
henrik vibskov
i would not wear this with my gold vivienne westwood trews
^hmm, what would knut hamsun wear enjoy your visit And i'd take a newbie american visitor over any bloated self-rightious knut of a UK'er anyday. The only thing that detriments my trips abroad are seeing the roseacea lager-belied uk-pats wolfing their chips and bemoaning the lack of proper tea.
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