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Some of those nc pieces on us sites are atrociously priced. Recent prices here: cm's are going for a little over 500gpb and everest's just over 800gpb. Cheapest ever CM I've seen was at a designer sale in truman brewery for 300 in November. still wanting this lightweight CM: another trip to the continent, this time destination amsterdamage
Waiting for a quote on custom Logger boots and a pair of Monkey boots. Scotch grain for both but deliberating on colours. MTO Loggers: £380 if not using cordovan or exotic skins = result.
waiting patiently for 14oz to get back to me re: stawk. going to antwerp on sunday; maybe keep going on the train to berlin
waiting for the sales to roll on - wanting the navy 4way roll neck for sure. May queue up for selfridges on boxing day.
..and the Lanvin sale shop is around the corner from printemps. prolly too late now but hop a train to belgium and go to Antwerp..RA is worth it alone and Beirendonck's flagship
UK VAT rises to 20% from 1 January..ffffssss. Come then, it will be cheaper to get a prepay mastercard stateside and pick it up when on business travel at designated hotel. Coggles stawk have orange and blue everests.
Snipe Paterna
l'eclaireur north marais shops bhv homme loft design by studiohomme lanvin sale shop kokon to zai - also a great watch shop on rue tiquetonne rick owens - not too far from colette apc surplus
bought this last year in amsterdam at the coveted jeans shop - they had a realllly nice navy one for about 50 euros more
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