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I thought breaking up and moving out with my ex last year was expensive; this one one whom I'm moving in with next w/end is proving more so. We're already arguing about shoe space
child of the jago - vivienne westwood's son & co's venture Also, may cop the VW MAN indigo/gold stripe bondage jeans - have the black ones.
For a larf, I bidded on a pair of MH x Trix, burgundy 7s and won. I guess I can get the soles refitted. in antwerp has very good salesmanship - prompt email response and said they would be nice to me in the brick and mortar if I visited pre-official sales time. Diverse in Islington need to up their game - took 3 weeks to respond to a simple query. - have been buying for 3 years on and off - deliveries are tempermental to the point a package was delivered to wrong house number and OPENED by them. Denham in NL are quite courteous and thank fug there is a b&m...
Quote: Originally Posted by gin8u I don't mean to be late, but its ABOUT time! its been under construction for 2-3 years. Sense: makes stopovers worthwhile..
Official parisian sales start on Wednesday
Bicester village looking pretty spare the other weekend. Looking to pick up a V stitch sweatshirt in indigo navy at present-london.
butterflysoulfire and the model's facial hair in the next life.
i wonder if hillary and his boys b**tched about fit and colour whilst scaling everest. Found out my future jacket for c.550 gbp in swiss-erland.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ry'on ^There is only one of those left in the world that I know about, in size 48... haha http://stockroom.inventorymagazine.c...rangoon-jacket Don't think so sunshine...stealth stawkage europeside which don't even list on the interwebz
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