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I was perusing an artist's gallery the other day and came across Danish designer, Martin Larsen watches - the website has a few interesting pieces.
I haven't worn one with jeans but have been wearing them with shorts. I picked up a black Hilfiger one (hated the padded shoulder so got them taken out) and restructured the arms a bit so its super skinny. Whilst walking around last night (or promenading ) I seen an older English Gent wearing a woollen check suit with slight orange detail - was going to stop him and see where he got it made - as I wanted to cloth for shorts & a piece for a custom shirt collar.
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection This will be very difficult if even available. I know you can buy rimless omes that can be cut to size. And metal ones that are clipped on with prongs, but havent seen what are you describing. Although I have seen one that came with glasses but in metal. I've found some metal clip-ons but not flip-ups from Shurons which look like they will fit my Moscots.
i've ordered a nu VW shirt and also a Cavi one. These get released today in Amsterdam: Patta v Pro-Keds
Browsing on Tobi and found a nu label to obsess over: Vael Projects
I think I've seen them in J. Crew recently. Also into Sebago, they do a sweet burnt red pair of boat style shoes and Lacoste have a limited edition Cabeston in black & white. Band of Outsiders guesting at Sperry do a taller boat boot style, though I am sure gents are already aware.
Im looking for vintage style flip up sunglasses that are rimmed (preferably metal) to fit on a pair of Moscot Yukel 48/22s. I've ordered a pair of Polaroid ones for driving but would like one that have a rim around the lens. I'm thinking of Tom Hank's character in Catch Me If You Can.
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