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The Glade:
Sanders go for about 154gbp off their site - liking the navy/red; look and smell like mcnairy but less pricing. Similar version but without the red sole is a pair of naval army officer's shoes in white which I bought from an army surplus store for a party the other month. And for UKers: there's a bunch at RL, bicester village in white
not a real fan of dm but needing some more saddle shoes come spring & may pick up a pair of burgundy ones with the bape collab
the goodhood store sells a few styles
need a scooter jacket although this is not marketed as one but will see if stawked in size today
eats: le relais de venise in the City - before/after try some old boy shopping in/around leadenhall market, cross bishopsgate and walk towards the exchange. More trendier, head to hoxton/shoreditch/spitalfields/bricklane but some nice 'weekend' wear which shows you aren't oap, yet. Asakusa near Mornington Crescent. The Wolseley for late dessert.
Lush denim bar in amsterdam where I picked up a nice tshirt and hat a year ago nye. Store opened up in spitalfields but haven't forayed there yet. Hopefully the options have opened up for mto denim but liking the woad collab. some pics I tooketh: ^selvage bollards
and same pair in black with gold stripe - the bag is used for VW ties/hankies.
^lest forget the said noir shoelace should be adorned with these:
Going to World's End to see if this fits later on today: Shame I don't have oxblood riding boots so my MHXTrickers will have to suffice for a party next weekend. Tally-ho, MoFo.
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