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^^ remembering, I need a pair of leather american football shorts. jvnya jefferey west brollie
vivienne westwood MAN- everyday ps oliver spencer cabourn trickers grenson purple label prl mcqueen ymc/folk shed loads of shoes & accessories a-z agnes b, cos, sissyboy, a loft design by et club monaco for basics bespoke and mtm trews & shirts & bowties
oliver spencer navy trews philip treacy hats x2 red brogue shoes for a ball this weekend
lucky no 10
ted baker is uneducated essex boy and thomas pink is his older brother working in the city
ps: check out bicester village - a direct train from marylebone station then a free shuttle. Picked up a nice pair of shoes last summer for 70gbp down from 300. you're in luck if you hit london next w/end: (designer warehouse sales) is on thane villas which is holloway road and down a bit. A bit of PS but loads of other designers. and of course his outlet shop just off bond street should have some good findings.
denham x child of the jago trews
At least he's doing something different. Alot of guys buy shoes and its same version of BROWN. Take a look at a man's feet next to you, its probably non-distinct to match his balding head.
Quote: Originally Posted by raags Hi folks ... I'm travelling this [Australian] summer to Morocco, India, and Egypt. From what I've heard the level of leather craftsmanship in Morocco is fantastic, and the prices are incredibly low. Has anyone had experience with getting custom leather goods ( bags, jackets, belts ) made in Morocco? Or any experience with Moroccan cashmere goods? Cheers for any information I went to a few...
wanting a vintage pair of black riding boots remade; bidded for a pair on ebay but seller was pulled.
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