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Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe Yeah, nothing says INEXPENSIVE like pure polyester shorts for more than two hundred effing dollars! Not that expensive considering if the beach if your 'lifestyle' then you have to invest in a few pairs that won't fall apart from high salt and/or chlorine use. i found some great swimwear in Israel* which is still holding shape after a couple of years. beach kulcha
orlebar brown - setter or bulldog versions
what patrick wolf is wearing for trews
When I unknowingly threw out 4 vivienne westwood bags last month.
'on trend' and RETRO or vtg
Style more than likely such as chav, or baseball caps (straight beak or curved), western wear, mustache men from the 70s in their nondescript faded denim, goth style bondage trousers, guido-wear (think shiny black clothes and 'bling').
olive wool fishermen sweater from YMC at spitalfields but not a YMC brand...some woollen one from an english heritage brand; will take it crabbing next month
read that david beckham had his picks the other night at a private party at liberty post london fashion week event though the real party was down the street, round the corner at the post office
^the style has been copied by ps, cabourn, oliver spencer in their fw10/11 portfolio. Wouldn't buy that cheapness as depicted on that site.
uw: LILEO Toronto Canada FLAVOUR Copenhagen Denmark BEAM Helsinki Finland FRENCH TROTTERS Paris France E35 Modena Italy BEAMS Tokyo Japan CASSIDY Tokyo Japan MAIDEN COMPANY Tokyo Japan THE GLOBE Arnhem Netherlands FOTT Moscow Russia SPORTIVO Madrid Spain SCOUT Gothenburg Sweden NITTY GRITTY Stockholm Sweden C-STORE Stockholm Sweden SHED Ashton-u-Lyne UK PEGGS & SON Brighton UK UNIQUE Bromley UK ROOM 26 Carlisle UK TRAPEZE Cheltenham UK CANOPY Derby...
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