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a few pieces at bicester village but its no guarantee and to get it in your size is even rarer. best get a us proxie
green stow boots with commando sole:
M Howell - up to 80% off Menswear Thursday 31st March, 2011: 9am-7pm Friday 1st April, 2011: 9am-7pm Where: The Music Rooms, 26 South Molton Lane, London, W1K 5AB
i wear a corazzo 5.0 (grey/white) but also have a reflective vest worn over a leather jacket for visibility. Thinking of getting a Tucano Urbano navy blazer but sold out at shop I was looking at.
^^mmmm, pinstripes. i like the hint of peach in these shoes, thinking of getting a triwa watch to match: And this shirt:
I've been doing quiffs and bowties for past 15 years but now it seems to catch on in some mainstream circles. Will do long ties again and re-thinking hair strategy. I've been reverting to a more mod look lately.
I ordered a tie from a mtm company in thailand which took less than a week to arrive on mat. Can message you the deets as they make shirts too. Looking at getting a few sleeveless ones made up.
Snappy dresser: don't forget Churchill (the former prime minister not the insurance dog advert). Buy a compression vest and you can hide the love handles. Check out the brand Cavi - larger shirt sizes. Go for an ace watch, shoes & hair and rest can take care of itself, usually.
red leather bowtie mto dark burgundy tie from thailand (arrived less than a week) sta prest burgundy trews 3 boring work shirts in navy a pair of: basically an outfit to wear on my retro scoot
Yes, go to GoodHood in Shoreditch and you can walk over to Present and Denham to see other denims for comparison.
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