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Quite often but I don't try to overdo it. The best compliments are those who are 'style brethrens' and not shy where to ask where you bought or made. I'm more into getting bespoke pieces done now or altered as alot of stuff I like doesn't exist.
vivienne westwood x lee denim army twill shirting (goes well with below shoes & heavy wool/tweed riding cropped trews) grenson 125yr ltd edition shoes
Ah, berlin shopping spree(walder) has arrived; flight in 10hrs counting. 14oz berlin Bought gf beautiful diamante multi-colour skull necklace and vintage silk stockings this week; maybe she'll find kind in buying me some nu trickerss x 14oz.
You are not referring to the typical shire town out on a saturday night look which consists of a football stripe complimented with Red Stripe & hunting in packs... Take a look at Old Town for the gentry styleth. Have to do a scroll to see pics.
Present-london are having a 3 day instore only sale up to 80 per cent off this w/end. Doubt the trickers range are included. sigh. I'm also into the 14oz Berlin x trickers collab and going there in a couple weeks.
vivienne westwood MAN COS - for basics, older more interesting & illegitimate sibling of H&M marc by marc jacobs trickers collabs child of the jago alexis mabille bstore kriss van assche ymc mmm
child of the jago The cardi is so over (akin to wearing a hoodie with a blazer look); brought them all to charity shops and now replenshing the knit drawer.
Cabourn + Paul Smith Donkeh jacket which will go well with Cabourn's bag:
MrLee'sGeneralStore, really want the US Navy rain slicker
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