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Drove by Northampton the other w/end but didn't stop by as I was peeved I tore off the wingmirror on my car previous day. Anyways, will be visiting shop in a few weeks to get some boots made. Grey pebble dashed and mixed with another colour.
I quite liked them back in '91 - then next purchase a couple years ago bought a fab grey oversized leather bag which is great for airline-carryons.
tony leung in wk wai's In the Mood for Love X coppolla's The Outsiders x Orlando
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Is this serious? Are you being a leather daddy for halloween? its for a wedding which is a poly queer s&m anything goes theme; gf made a corset and we're fashioning a matching bowtie pour moi. i was going to go for vivienne westwood black jeans with gold stripe trousers but won't come in time...damn. i'll post pics next week self-crafted beau-tie, same material as gf's corset
Made to measure black leather shirt - requested no sleeves and a wingtip collar. Should be winging its way to me on Friday from India; less than a hun.
Wished my parents lived in montreal instead of effen wpg, wld make going to visit them from londres much more palatable. Got this in my inbox: Rudsak SAMPLE SALE 50% TO 70% OFF / 3 DAYS ONLY Thursday, October 14th 10am to 8pm Friday, October 15th 10am to 8pm Saturday, October 16th 10am to 4pm 9160 Blvd. Saint-Laurent
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Those grenson 125 year limited edition shoes are well made. My only quibble is that sometimes the closed channel treatment peels off easily from the sole and exposes the sole stitching, but that is just a temporary state. And it's partially due to age - I'm pretty the 125 year shoes were made in 1991, so the channel flap adhesive can age. But otherwise, great quality shoes, arguably masterpiece or near-masterpiece...
Ute Ploier's opportunity sweater & quasi jacket (refuse to say cardi) - ordering from RA, Antwerp. McDrool.
Trickers x 16 oz boots/shoes going for 700 euros. May as well design my own for 295 quid.
I bought a raincoat last year and the hood ripped. Nice outlet shop in York and have bought woollen ties but its marketed towards monied boring lawyers/suchlike. Stores on Wimpole, Fulham Road tell the tale.
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