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now looking for contacts - soo many people are over doing the black frames/50s/tom ford thing. also wearing glasses with scooter goggles gives me headaches
Have 16 pairs for this season but granted some were formerly trousers now tailored off to a precise length.
damn, replied to this almost 1.5yrs ago. Try mtm at Denham on Charlotte - which is 2 mins away from Present in the shoreditch 'triangle'
now - where i get loads of vw stvff
Softball gear: batting gloves, jersey, trousers x3, bat sleeve, bag - all branded stuff All in cheaper than buying stuff in the UK (even if they had such stawk). DWS sale today so may pick up some beach stuff for Egypt
hyper dandyist or sart dandy
ah bonus times...ex was a banker..current is an artist [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
pour gf: and together, worth more than my scoot. ^pour moi
pavl smith When: Wednesday 6th April, 2011: 8am-7pm Thursday 7th April, 2011: 8am-7pm Friday 8th April, 2011: 8am-6pm Where: 37 Kingsway, Holborn, London, WC2
Any retailer can pretty much get a collab with tricker's, it isn't exclusive. 14oz & junya are/were particularly memorable. asos = not. Made to order is the nu collab.
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