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In berlin, you can find them in second hand shops, some retro shops and definitely army surplus ones - I posted a pic a couple years ago of a bunch. Not into wearing dead nazi sons' shoes so opted for margiela's.
rioting in dalston ... wonder if LNC got hit?
MMM trainers & a viktor & rolf tee haven't attacked the sales yet
14oz has extensive cabourn which is the clincher for me. As per previous posts on same topic, check out Burg und schilde, Galeries Lafayette, KaDeWe (bit boring but sometimes they have good stawk) & Peek und Kloppenburg
No idea, it's all about me
Anyone know the brand of this cap? Taken at a concert a few days ago.
bought a pair of selvedge jeans specifically to cut off at the knees
First nations Canadian brought up by french/scottish parentals in the prairies and now living in the UK by my own accord - i call it 'reverse colonialism'. In a previous life, I was probably a baroque dandy. To all the racist north all owe me rent.
early afternoon: summer patois this evening: tricker's satisfies
today: oap realness
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