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got anymore pics of the quoddys
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher Hell yes. Some leather conditoner like Obenauf's might work. IDK. Now, does anyone know a brand that makes a decent red leather jacket with a band collar? considering there are no returns is a 46 in cp about a 12?
never had any common projects...but found a pair of grey achilles perforated in my size for about 100 should i?
could there possibly be a less appealing model
not sure at the moment
its kinda the price you pay... used to swim in high school and you're kinda screwed no matter what...although be sure to wash your hair throughly when you get outta the pool
i'm a 12 in most shoes...what size would i need in spring courts?
Quote: Originally Posted by lechon&rice pathetic people disgust me uncool people are like animals
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk why not just get APC x Nike? they're lowtops (dunno whether you're down with that), look less like basketball shoes, realistically are just as good for shitkicking, and are generally more attractive. any idea where you can get the apc x nikes
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