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They were stantons and upon showing them the picture showing the jeans clearly smaller than listed they were willing to accept the return despite having them hemmed before shipping. My current issue is the fact that they accepted the return and never followed through on replacing them or refunding them. I returned them when when I was already beyond my 45 day paypal protection but I figured they do a lot of sales and I can trust them to make it right. Not up to this point,...
I only thought to make it public here because I saw the thread through something unrelated. I don't post here. I've definitely followed through with him in the limited capacity that I have. Thought I could generate a phone number through here so I could at least try and get him over the phone to explain why I've been ignored.
Anyone got a phone number on this guy? I ordered a pair about a year ago that came in an inch smaller in the waist than the posted measurements. Basically called a liar by his wife who apparently handles or handled CS until I posted a picture of the jeans spread out with a tape measure going over it. No apology but did offer to accept the return. I make the return and never get a response to the email string again. I was already out of my paypal buyer protection at that...
Someone do a blucher with a wrap around crepe sole and post the results
For the last few winters I've kept my eyes out for any shops doing blank wool adjustables and picking is always slim to none. I email them once a year with the suggestion they consider putting blanks up on their own site at $10-15 less than the $50-60 that shops charge for their makeups and see what kind of difference in sales they make but I've never gotten any response to the idea. Last I asked they ask for a minimum of 24 made at $22 each. I'm interested in almost any...
Link what you posted......I'm not seeing them.
Has no one in here purchased and presented some shots of the ranger moc on commando sole?
Realize the thread is stagnant but I'll put in interest on virtually any indy on commando sole. If one of these actually took off, would we be getting any kind of discount considering we're bypassing the retailers?
Anyone own a pair of 9029/9030 and indys? My indys are 10.5D while my only RW reference is the work oxford which I take in a 10. If anyone's covered direct comparisons between the indy and 9029/9030 it'd be cool to see a picture of the two side by side. All the better if your indys are on commando sole as is.
Does anyone have a pair of rangers on this sole? http://taylorstitch.com/collections/shoes-by-rancourt-and-co/products/color-8-chromexcel-ranger-moc Or has anyone seen them in any other colors being sold or flaunted on here? Interested in seeing them in other CXL shades and finding out what size you went with along with alden/rw/quoddy sizes for reference. Was kinda turned off when I emailed them and was told that sole is an extra $100 to their base price when taylor...
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