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In some ways, I'd love to do something like this and often thought of writing a book or some such way of bringing it all together. Firstly though, I can barely find time to post on here, most weeks, never mind put together such a task And I know that once I get into it, it will grow and grow and never be finished. As you get deeper into any subject matter, you learn another five things which only leads you to another ten things you don't know.And you're right about the...
Two of them (including Tim) wearing suede Levis with leather collar. Nice.
I thought it was PYE. e.g.
His braces have got a lot wider but a lot of things expand when you get older! Did he say much else?
Whilst I’ve nothing against a bloke that dresses like a medieval Viking and sword fights on a weekend (which has got be better than watching X-factor and talking about footy results), that’s not the same as what I do.I am a ‘skinhead’. Now I know that may all seem a bit daft and childish but its what I do and how I conduct myself. I’ve been a skinhead since I was old enough to start caring about fashion. Originally this was copying the older lads in town, than a short...
It’s a public forum, so it attracts different people with different interests, who all want something different out of it. I’m here as a historian, doing some research and join in where I feel its appropriate.Of course I’m a middle aged man (and not offended by it) hence my use of the phrase “someone dressed as such”.You can’t possibly want to argue about relevance as I’ve read your last 700 posts. Feel free to read back through them all and decide for yourself.Anyway,...
Ha ha.Correct me if I'm wrong but if a large part of the thread is about what 60s teenagers dressed like, I think a pic of someone dressed as such is pretty relevant.As for the 'old bloke cracks', it doesn't seem to be me who has the problem. When I'm about 60, I'll be old too - its just simple maths; not an insult.
This thread is generally about the timeline from mod to suedehead so that takes you up to some time in the early 70s, depending on where you’re talking about and personal opinion.From a historical point of view, what went on before often has an influence on what happened later (not IMO, just fact).So the fact that berets were worn by soldiers, prior to the ‘skinhead’ times will obviously have some influence on their being worn during the times. That’s all added detail to...
As for those kids, they are Newcastle lads, and this is what I've been meaning to ask. Newcastle seems exempt from all the video and photographic evidences of the "denim" look. Just look at this photo Did you not post this yesterday? North Shields - me mate's brother on the left.
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