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I certainly am, mate. See you at the bar AND on the dance floor.
Inspector, judging by (various aspects of the picture plus) the cut of the shirt, I'd say '69 (as opposed to '68 or '70).(Just look at his) Buttons
Ha ha - not at all. Glad I'm not one - finding clothes must be murder.Keep my sling shot handy just in case I meet a bad one!
That's Big Ray from Whitley Bay, 1974 (mind you, if I wasn't told, I would have said a bit earlier).It does look like him in the lower pic (this is from '79-80 so very unlikely) but if it was, that would have been a mob of giants!
Well over a fiver by then, so that's a lot of dinners.For me, it was the mid-80s, so I was saving up to buy second hand originals from Flip. Still added up to a lot of missed sausage rolls though.
I never had any school dinner in my last 4 years at school. Paid for most of my clothes as a young teen. Would rather be hungry and wear Levis than have shit jeans and chips.
Chief Inspector Clouseau and myself, Paris reggae do, Friday.
Tidy suit - something I wish I'd learned when I was younger instead of wasting so much time in the pub, talking bollocks.
I attacked him when he least expected it. He reacted well though; he's still got it!
As an aside, I met up with Chief Inspector Clouseau on Friday for a couple of drinks and a bit of reggae. A very nice man indeed (and incredibly tall!)
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