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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Holy Jesus did I love me some Streets of Rage. I can't believe nobody's mentioned MST3K yet. 90s sci-fi channel was so full of awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Texasmade This movie is looking more and more like a piece of crap. I wonder if this will be worse than the George Clooney Batman movie. The suit doesn't have nipples so no.
Buy everything from newegg. That's a really solid parts list too, though I might spend a few bucks more on a nicer PSU. When you get everything it's pretty much obvious where stuff should go on the motherboard/in the case, the only tricky part is mounting the cpu because of the thermal paste. You'll probably have more trouble installing the OS than you do putting the tower together.
If this was a regular desktop or one that would pull light duty numerical work I would say build it yourself but since it seems like you want something purpose built for number crunching just go for a prebuild. Dell makes some pretty nice workstation machines, can go up to 16 cores and more ram than you could ever need if you want/can afford it. The physics department at my uni has a couple of them that i've had ssh access to for a few FE simulations and they really blaze...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 Is god an atheist? God not believing in himself? That just sounds like he has low self esteem.
Quote: Originally Posted by oscarthewild Whew, so this is not about Texas Instruments. - I hear ya. I was fearing for my graphing calculators. I care nothing about rappers and the stupid things they do.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason People like climate change instead of "We're slowly killing our environment which will end our ability to survive" because it doesn't require any more action. Poor countries point the finger at richer countries, rich countries point at other rich countries, and ultimately nobody has to do anything about it because they're only a small part of the problem. You say that like people wouldn't do the same thing if...
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 I found it hilariously meta since it can be extended another 2 or 3 levels.
The lyrics to SCOM are painfully awful but everything guitar-related in that song is just oh so fucking awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Is this the thread where global warming isn't happening? It's so quiet. Like being in a padded room. More like the thread where people say the sky is falling on people who say the sky is falling.
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