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I like the wallets. ^__^
Quote: Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan Duncan Quinn didn't jump -- he's doing both at the same time! I left BigLaw earlier this year to do restructuring consulting. I love it! kroll?
What shoes do you have available in 9E? WTB!!! Price check me!
I like thier shoes, but what are people's thoughts on their ties?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mblova I am new to fashion and i live right in jersey. I was wondering, Is TSE good quality stuff? Where is this stuff made? Limited selection for men at decent prices 125-200 for cashmere sweaters. A very limited selection of jackets (10-15 or so). Lots of womens clothes if you're looking for that special someone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Shoes are the one part of the wardrobe where you can happily mix bespoke and ready to wear. But if affordability is not an issue, advocating that someone buy fused RTW suits for $300 each instead of bespoke could only be done by one who has never experienced the difference between the two. At the moment, I'm thinking of picking up a Brioni suit (see below) for the more important times to impress and then...
Not that I hate ironing, but I always find that I'm more likely to damage the shirt in the wash than letting someone else take care of it. One thing I do know is that I cannot take care of clothes.
What is the best way to wash dress shirts? Is it better to self wash or just give it to the dry cleaners to launder?
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo +1 to all of the above. Sometimes I really wish I could carry a purse. Let's never speak of this post again. I do carry a messenger bag, but you can't hear/feel when e-mails come in. These days I carry the blackberry in my inside coat pocket or in my pants pocket. But keys and coins can scratch the screen so need a case Also if I have to carry these things, I'm going to carry them stylishly! ...
Aside from this boring OEM Case Is there another more fashionable way to carry a blackberry? Thanks in advance.
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