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dumb question: why does the shape of a hanger matter? how does it affect the last of a suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by GQhustler Great advice evryone, thanks! I just got back from the mall and I noticed a few things. First, I tried on both Zegna and Armani Callezioni 3 button suits in size 40S, and the Armani fit me nearly flawlessly. I was sort of disappointed in the way the Zegna fit me. Without a doubt, I want to get the Armani Callezioni; however, the $1695 price tag is out of my range right now. I looked on Bluefly.com as I have seen...
Quote: Originally Posted by nelly Let's keep in mind that as a lowly analyst you will be at work for 20 hours a day. I think you might want to find something that you'll be willing to throw away after your two year stint. This is true. Dress your position, so dress well but nothing too flashy or over the top. If you're an analyst, dress like an analyst. If you're an associate, dress like an associate. If you're an MD, dress like an...
Tell your gf you love your hat so much you want to get more. Then ask, where did you get the last hat?
Lots of politically charged threads today... Can't we all just get along?
Quote: Originally Posted by sloaney "CLUBBING: Shanghai's young and beautiful, like these at Park 97, are spoiled for choice by the city's nightlife" Source: http://www.time.com/time/asia/photoe...hanghai/9.html If these are the 'young and beautiful' ..... Now if random pictures off the internet could be cited for the definitive truth...
Quote: Originally Posted by sloaney I like the two girls on the left. Need to see the face of the third. That being said, I think Asians can wear browns, but should note not all browns work. Like most rules of thumb, exceptions always exist.
Do their shoes go on sale too?
Where will ya be tmw?
WTB Stickie
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