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Quote: Originally Posted by southgate house the stores operate on a somewhat different sales schedule. right now i think the blue label stuff is 50 percent off, while purple label is 70 percent off. i think that will hold for the next week and a half and then they'll have a clearance sale to make room for spring. Is there a sale at the mansion right now?
Now only if those grants would go on sale....
Will there be a similar sale at their store?
Quote: Originally Posted by ranchsooner If you look at the label of a Black Label suit, and I have seen many, it is definately not Corneliani. huh? what is the quality of canterelli?
I spoke to a guy at the RP store said black label is by Corneliani . The jacket I picked up is fully canvas. Can't speak for the rest of the line. But I really like the fit and cut.
What are people's opinion of RL? I'm thinking of picking up a suit or two by them. Thanks in advance. Lockey2k
Pick up a Canali/Cornellian suit from Saks. That should easily clear under $600. As for shirts, Boss shirts for $30 at FB should be good.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Last but not least, several pairs of Carmina shell cordovan triple (!) soled bluchers. Plain toe, $349. Also at Bergdorf Goodman. They also have wingtips for $499. Service there this morning was atrocious. ymmv. Damn you BG!!!
Are you a gambling man? You find this "great item" on e-bay priced at a fraction of the cost (e.g. a $1200 jacket for $25). The picture is crap and seller doesn't respond to questions, but has good feed back. What do you do? Downside is $25, upside is thrifting triumph! Are you a gambling man?
AE's are on sale at DSW, though most may be already gone. Price point was $60. For suits, go to Saks for their second cut sale. Alternatively, there's Barney's. You can snag a Canali suit for about $500-$600.
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