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Quote: Originally Posted by southgate house they are generally really nice, if not slightly overpriced. the suits are made by boglioli the last time i asked. the sweaters vary in quality and origin but i picked up a fair isle vest there a few weeks ago that i love. they have a sister store on the some block that sells a variety of alfred sargeant shoes in some difficult to find looks (blue suede, canvas desert boots). i would check it...
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 1/20-1/28 Seize sur Vingt's handmade suits (from $200), dress shirts ($60 to $80), and sweaters (from $60) are on sale. 267 Elizabeth St., nr. Prince St. (212-343-0007); 11-7. From NY Magazine. Are these suits/sweaters any good?
Let this thread die in peace
Dress well but try not too hard. There is a guy at my office who dresses very well, but it comes across as trying too hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by kirbya Here are pictures of the Trouser Hangers: And pictures of the Suit Hangers: The finish of the two hangers are exactly the same--same wood and stain. The pictures do not show it because they were taken in different lighting conditions. The pictures of the suit hangers best represent the hue of the BUB stain. Any left? If not, where can I get comparable hangers?
I bought a jacket on second cut at saks 5th ave. When Saks goes to final cut, can I get a price adjustment?
Curious as to the forum's general thoughts on quality v. quantity
Anyone know when BG typically goes to second cut on their sales for the first and second floor? Thanks in advance.
Essentials (1) 2 suits (one to hang on the back of your door, other for home). (2) Good number of slacks/sports coats (3) Some fitted but relatively conservative shirts. (barrel cuff if you're starting out) (4) One good white shirt (hang on back of door) (5) Misc. ties, (2-3 to keep in your drawer). (6) Some good shoes. (7) Long coat Lockey2k
How much does taking a shirt to the dry cleaners for laundrying shorten the life of a shirt?
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