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What is the average turn around time from order to your door?
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx paid 2700 for a $3500+ Brioni suit at bergdorf goodman, and feel you paid too much? Let's see photos of you in the suit. Admittedly, i'm a big fan of brioni (and a very recent first time customer of bergdorf's exclusive brioni cut: softer shoulders, higher set sleeves) but I'm thinking you got a top shelf suit for a good deal..... I see Brioni suits at Ehabadasher and ebay for significantly...
So I recently purchased a Brioni suit at BG for a $2700 and change. Something about the silky fabric and glove like fit seduced me! That being said, I look back and think "damn I paid too much". I'm curious as to other forumites experiences and missteps.
Oh where, oh where have the sales gone?
Quote: Originally Posted by skefferz 17 inch Double checking before placing an order. 17'' = 38R/40R Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by 11hr I missed out the first time and am glad you are doing this again. I placed my order for 20" hangers - I think these will be perfect for my growing topcoat collection. Thanks. Can a hanger be too large? I wear 38R/40R suits. What would the appropraite hanger size be?
Saxs during its final cut sale, barney's during its warehouse sale, and BG now.
where does it all go post final cut?
How do tailors do monograms on shirts? I was thinking of having my chinese name written on the cuff of my shirt as opposed to initials. Is that possible? Lockey2k
Is it me or soiffer haskin been unusually quiet?
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