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I'm interested in purchasing a new wallet. I've been perusing ebay and have taken a liking to Prada or LV wallet or two. But how do you spot the fakes? A lot of auctions seem to have stock photos. Do the forum detective skills extend to accessories?
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Interesting.... I tried on my first ever pair of Lobbs over the weekend at Hermes in Chicago. The saleman was not a shoe expert (his business card said he specializes in jewelry and watches). He was very helpful and attentive, even after I told him flat out that I could not afford $1200 shoes. He complimented my taste and told me when they hold their two annual sales and suggested I call just before then to find...
Where can you buy her stuff in NYC?
Quote: Originally Posted by mussel Barneys warehosuse sale: 2/15 - 3/4/06 255 W 17 Weekdays 10-9 Weekends 10-7 2/15 & 2/16 8am-9pm I am not trying to scare away my competitons, but my Chinese friends told me it's bad luck to buy shoes around Chinese New Year which starts next Sunday. Must get shopping done before Sunday then! Happy Going Broke Day everyone!
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I love clothes but let's not get crazy. +1 I do believe we may be approaching the means defeating the ends territory here.
The goal is a good number of my friends and I are in need of a good number of suits. There are twenty or so guys of various bodies and builds each willing to commit to 4-5 suits each. Our orginal idea was to invite the tailor to one of our offices and on a certain day have all twenty show up at scheduled times and do the fittings in an orderly fashion. 1-2 months later the same would occur for the second fitting. From a cost perspectively, I was under the perception a...
Quote: Originally Posted by LARon The whole aura and experience of the tailored/ing experience is one of intimacy and personalization. This plan is 180 degrees from that. You want American style mass production of European style artisanship. Don't see it happening, at least not true tailoring. I think its 4-5 suits per person. I do believe the goal would be each person wanting two-three fittings for one suit. And if that works out, a...
Some friends and I got together and are interested in doing a group suit purchase out of New York City. Our goal is to purchase close to 120-150 suits at $500-600 a piece for about 30 or so people. In short, $90k or so worth of suits to be made. Does anyone know a tailor/tailors who are willing to rise to the occasion? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator I just wanted to let you guys know that my Forum Special boots I ordered through Steve just arrived. It is Thursday lunchtime here, but I will get my camera out tonight and post pics. So check back here tomorrow morning US or UK/European time! Exciting stuff. When did you place the order?
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