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London still dresses more formal than New York. I advise a sharp looking sports coat w/o tie. Keep a tie in your back pocket if necessary. ^__^
I assume these are high quality jeans? Which raises the question what makes a good jean?
Quote: Originally Posted by mizanation ^^^ made in japan never had a stigma of poor quality. it was the superior quality for lower price that brought japan to the top of manufacturing. +1 I don't remember Made in Japan being equated with poor quality but rather lower price. At the moment, China is both lower price and lower quality.
Any updates on the hangers?
How much are a pair of Carmina's from the local store?
How does one acquire some many nice carminas?
The shoe fits snug without socks and super snug with thin socks. I'd like to stretch it to be comfortable with thin socks. Is that doable? How much does a cobbler charge to stretch a pair of shoes?
I purchased some shoes recently which are a tad tight. What is the best way to stretch a shoe's width? Lockey2k
Daily wear into the office. Perhaps the Paul Stuart sale will provide some choice alternatives? I saw some used Lobb's on E-bay at the $200 range.
I'm interested in purchasing a new set of boots/shoes for about $300. Steve at Nuger quoted me a price of USD$282 for french calf leather comfort craftsman. For the same price, I could purchase a pair of AE. Or perhaps, something else? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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