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Anyone have any experience with their leather goods? It's Japanese leather manufacturer that looks amazing. Just curious if anyone knows if these bags are as good as they look.
I would just hope the 1-9 to times sq and NR to 23rd St. and give it to the tailor there (name begins with a C but escapes me). For small stuff, the guy at Ye Olde Dry Cleaning does a decent job.
Got the hangers a few weeks ago. Much <3. Definitely worth the wait.
What are people's thoughts on collar stays? Brass v. plastic? Disposable? Where does one get affordable stays?
I seem to remember a sample watch sale this time of year. Anyone know when and where that might be?
Please put down the collar. Step away from the collar. Walk to the nearest trash can and place your satorial license in the bin. Your license to wear quality clothing has been revoked.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Chuck Norris works harder than everyone in the universe. Except Jack Baeur
I placed an order in early April and was inquiring about its status, but no word. Is this typical?
Anyone been able to talk to steve recently? Been e-mailing him about my order, but not a reply in a week plus.
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