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Great deal here.
E width, right?
http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2013/12/21/alden-shoe-choco-suede-tanker-restock-lsw-ii/ Because these are rarely available and no 10Ds remained in Leather Soul's 12/21 restock (I called a few hours after they posted!), I tried the 10.5Ds. Just arrived: awesome, but too big. Perfect condition; removed from box and worn once for a few minutes on carpet. Pictures upon request. Selling them for cost ($585) + shipping. Otherwise they go back to Leather Soul.
Yes. Really irritating. They're going to ruin this site.
Agreed. Needs to be cleaned up.
Nice. Could you post the front rise measurement?
Great color. Too small for me.
Which last is it--smart round or chiseled toe?
Another picture. I like the simplicity versus doubles, but haven't seen one in the wild. .
New Posts  All Forums: