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Iconic Edward Green Dovers in a leather/last/size combination that's extremely hard to find at a significant discount--selling for $1,415 at Leffot. Purchased from another SF member, but unfortunately they're a bit too big (first EGs I've tried on). Price includes USPS Priority with insurance to the US.
Grails at a great price!
Guys, go vent in forums catering to snarky teens and their asinine comments.
Why would you respond when you have nothing constructive to say?
Just purchased this in "heather loden" color: It's nice, but not much experience with the color. Casually, with dark blue jeans or grey wool trousers + white shirt?
Just returned from my local RL store--40% off on BL. Was told that PL and BL would merge into a "Lux" line and that the Anthony cut suit would be available within the new line, albeit priced closer to $2500 vice the current $1900. Justification given for the higher price: better fabrics.
NIce. No fabric to let out for the pant's length?
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