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I purchased some jeans from pickpackpockpuck and I'm very happy. He shipped right away and was very very very accurate and detailed in his description of the product. great seller! definitely buy from him.
I purchased some longwings from Warren G. Very happy with my purchase. He shipped right away and provided tracking information and all. Definitely buy from him.
wow that Hood is Grim Reaperish!
Quote: Originally Posted by stick Damn, some duffle fit pics posted over at sufu. This'll do for the duffle what Synthese did for the DR and ARW did for the Chesterfield. One of the pics... Medium gray looks great, maybe I should get one in addition to my cracked pepper... haha. Size of coat? height/weight?
Quote: Originally Posted by ltb Yet another awesome transaction with tonio028. I never expect anything less. same here!
tonio028 is a great seller who has lots of great stuff. i'm lucky so much of your stuff fits me. too bad i have no more money for the gats after kopping your boots.
I happened to be on Jcrew last night after 1:00 AM because i was about to pull the trigger on some Red Wing Beckman boots. I saw the coupon, gave it a try and it worked! I just checked and I got a shipping confirmation and tracking #! I kinda wish i purchased some alden longwings now...I would have gotten the shell cap toe alden boots but they don't have them in size 8.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomanred I am giving him a try tomorrow or Monday and will get his US tour schedule while at the shop. Based upon the reviews here, I am taking a leap of faith and using him on a suit. Most likely Scabel Blue Label fabric (hope that is spelled right) in a pin stripe. I use A-Man (AMHC) usually, but trying to broaden my tailors. did you ever happen to get that us tour schedule? I don't see anything on the...
People need to be very careful with Narin. His first 2 suits for me were fine. the last i got made was atrocious. He will often try to dissuade you from changes you want made during the fittings. For instance I thought the suit sleeves should be shortened but he convinced me it was because the shirt sleeves needed to be loosened instead. This did not even remotely turn out to be the case. Anyway, i would have sent the suit back for 2-3 alterations but didn't have...
Anyone know what his US Touring schedule is this year or next year?
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