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Sutors for only 200 bucks now!
Price drop!
46R suits are now $350!
Here are some lovely ultra soft suede loafers from Sutor Mantellassi that retailed for over $500. Aside from the Italian hand made quality, they have the signature blue soles that will set them apart from drones of unrecognizable shoes in real life. 1. New In Box Sutor Brown Suede Loafers Size 11 - $250 --> $200shipped 2. New In Box Sutor Chocolate Suede Loafers Size 12 - $250 shipped SOLD
Thanks for the positive feedbacks! Last drop on the cashmere SC.
Last drop on blazers.
RLBL Navy Blazer added!
Suits are now $375. Cashmere SC $300.
Lots of price drops and new pictures! All the orders so far have been shipped out. Thank you! Coming up next is a highly coveted Ralph Lauren Black Label navy blazer in 40R
More blazers added and a 100% cashmere SC That's it that's all, everything I've got is posted now! BTW, I measure the shoulder from the back, straight across from seam to seam.
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