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I bought givenchy varsity from them....yes little bit shamed but no way I'm paying 2000 dollar for a varsity jacket. paid about $180. quality's good though, leathers soft, and pretty well made jacket, ribbing is pretty thin though. although not 100% identical to original jacket. shoulder detail is different.
anyone offer proxy?
^ bought all my snowboard gear that year.....hopefully bing will die soon, and MS comes out with new search engine..
common projects perforated oxford size 41. i like the shoes, but can't really justify keeping it. it may look dirty, but nothing a $10 shoe clean can't fix. added non-slip sole (not sure if that's what you call it) from day 1 condition is really good, aside from few scratches you can see from a picture, price is 175 shipped + pp or gift.
+J's are freaking warm, about same as moncler Vs, I'm guessing regular ones are just as warm.
Hi, I ordered this jacket is XS, but don't feel like keeping it. I haven't received it yet, but it's a final yeah. this jacket usually never goes on sale, this will be cheapest price you can find anywhere. Price is 230 shipped + pp fee, jacket costs 300 + tax.
bought patagonia ultralight down hoody, been thinking about buying it since last november, 179 makes it no brainer.
Don't understand all the hype about OC
can someone check stock on this jacket....size Small in black block tech parka.
i'm surprised it's still there lol copped 41 and received yesterday,
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