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Hi, I'm selling my rarely used E-P2 with 14-42 lens, B+W filter, 4gb SDcard. I still have original battery + charger, I'm selling simply because I don't use it other than to take pictures for B&S thread. Hot shoe cover went missing, and some minor scuffs on body no dents. I'm selling for $360 shipped + pp I'll post pics later today!
Common Projects Perforated Oxford sz 41 $110 shipped + pp it may look dirty, but nothing a $10 shoe clean can't fix. added non-slip sole (not sure if that's what you call it) from day 1
to people who complain about feathers coming out. my gamme bleu padded blazer sheded just as much last year, this year not so much. so yeah after awhile you won't have that prob nemore
Can I still buy +J for discounted price?
I doubt LA carried moncler lol, but i do know they carry them in west coast locations ( seattle, las vegas) so I guess if they couldn't sell it, it will be @ LA warehouse since it's the closest? rather than bring it to NY
Will Barneys NY warehouse sale in LA carry moncler gamme bleu?
^suddenlee is awesome shit
that moto is so good
try CK vnecks, best tshirt ever.
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