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I just received moto2011 from vaio, owned multiple ToJ leather pieces (2 original drs, and suede varsity, all lost due to accident) and I forgotten how superior toj leather felt,I was going to resell it, cuz of minor fit issue I had but decided to give it a soak and give it a go,I'd say go for toj and save yourself 1,500 to spend on something else.
fuck founding member's better stay off my balenciagas
anyone know when mrporter sale starts?
yeah not my pic though, to be honest fit is ok, but not slim enough for me i'm not gonna settle for 90% satisfactory fit you know.
Hi, I'm selling Moto 2011 black lamb 2 zip size 45, $610 I just received it from vaio condition is 10/10 sadly fit isn't 100% what I was looking for so I must sell it. images are vaio's own pics, shoulders 16.7" chest (pit-to-pit) 19.5" midsection 16.7 waist 17.2 body length, front 21.0" body length, back 23.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 24.0" sleeve width @ pit 6.25 sleeve width @ elbow 5.5 sleeve width @ cuff 5.2" It's essentially a stock 45
^ I owned both pairs and other raw denims, but I don't think dior quality is superior to other brands, just cut and fabric.
neone have moto 2011 / MDR black in around 45, pm me. I'm willing to pay good money for them, I just can't wait 2 month for a jacket....
I used to intern for this company called YOUNGONE, unknown company but they manufacture more than 50% of northface products, as well as nike, etc etc, KOLON was one of their biggest supplier for technical shells,
i'm too lazy to follow up on 100+ posts, but I'm guessing MTM will be gone? I'm somewhat glad to see this, which means possibility of exchange just in case? also, if this could speed up the production time it'll be a huge plus.
some dumb shit just offered me 500 please use your brain
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