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hi, Selling some shoes I rarely wear. Cole Haan x Nike Lunargrand size. 8/41 $170 shipped us so comfy, pre-ordered from cole haan soho wore it maybe 5 times. sole shows no wear.
tomorrow, i'm guessing 12:01
30% off is weak
order closed?
when will mrporter's public sale begin......need those balenciagas....
fit is different + details camera couldn't pick up, flare I used to have around wasted is minimized, and back has more curve to it.
almost dried now.
just soaked it last night,
I just received moto2011 from vaio, owned multiple ToJ leather pieces (2 original drs, and suede varsity, all lost due to accident) and I forgotten how superior toj leather felt,I was going to resell it, cuz of minor fit issue I had but decided to give it a soak and give it a go,I'd say go for toj and save yourself 1,500 to spend on something else.
New Posts  All Forums: