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I got this jacket couple years ago from barneys. I love this jacket to death, but I've literally grown out of it....(getting fat sucks) I only had chance to wear it less than 10 times. Selling price is $ 1,300, retail I believe is around $ 2,400. This jacket will turn head if you are into those kind of things. This is size 0. I saw similar jacket for sale here and there but never seen one in this size. Measurements are s2s: 16.5" p2p: 19" Thanks for your interest.
I fell in love when it first came out and bought it, sadly it doesn't get much wear so here it is. condition is really good look at the print on insole perfect. sole shows bit of wear but nothing too much. price includes shipping within NA.
UNDERCOVER / UNDERCOVERISM Autumn/Winter 2012 "Psycho Color" Nylon Quilted Down Jacket Model J4105-3 Size 1 (fits 44/46). quilted down jacket from UNDERCOVERISM, this is very lightweight perfect for early spring/fall Features narrow quilting, mismatching buttons, fleece lined pockets and contrast velvet collar. sadly, middle button popped out, so i need to get a new button. I'll try to match it if i can't get all 3 buttons replaced. besides that condition is really good,...
anyone had success using code with lanvins? i'm guessing their' exempt?
Thx, But doesnt seem to work
Hi I'm selling ToJ 2zip moto in lamb leather. Size is 45, don't have the measuring tape you'll have to wait for the measurement. But it definitely is 45 little roomier than 44 and slimmer than 46. i bought it from another seller (vaio) can't remember whether it was styleforum for SuFu. but yeah still in pretty good condition just normal wears. Price is $450 shipped to us, i'm currently in korea so it'll be shipped from here. pardon the HDR photo the color is...
dose it matter which season it's from? they basically the same thing;
Hi, Selling impulse buy black GAT size 41. price is 200 shipped us. condition is insanely good, has maximum 5 wears, feel free to ask Q.
New Balance Lake District size 8/41 $70 shipped us rarely worn, sole is clean
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