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Quote: Originally Posted by topbroker I'm a bit doubtful. One of my rules is to buy suits that are as close as possible to a perfect fit off the rack. I am not sure what the differences were between L and R.
Quote: Originally Posted by topbroker I guess I'm puzzled by the number of worrywarts and overanalyzers on the board. I think that the DB suit you show in the first post is a very nice conservative interview suit, as is the SB navy pinstripe suit you show later in the thread. I can only wish that the candidates I interview would wear suits as nice as either of these (or even wear suits at all). Yea I never even heard a bad thing about DB suits...
Too big for me
Quote: Originally Posted by Quirk It somewhat depends on the cut of the suit and the boldness of the pinstripes, but again, I'd say if you have fewer than 5 suits, you'd do better to avoid it. Let's put it this way, if a suit makes you say "Damn! Sharp suit!", be sure you have a deep enough wardrobe that you can wait a couple of weeks between wearings. Properly tailored and accessorized, a well-fitting, good quality but otherwise unremarkable suit...
Another question, if the suit is a 40L and I wear a 40R, can a tailor easily fix this?
Something like this perhaps?
What about a Navy pinstripe SB?
I am a Computer Engineer if that gives you any insight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will A DB is a second or third suit. Everyone needs a suit that will draw no attention before branching out into more interesting clothing.
Thank you! I am going ASAP.
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