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I like that Ben Sherman, just dont know what shirt to pair it with.
I almost want it just to have it as a conversation piece. Neat shirt.
nice shirt, but way to warm here for me.
IN all seriousness it is not as bad a magenta as that coat. I would call it "crayon red"
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 I think that would go well with this: [ig][/img] Where in the world did you find that???
Does anyone here ever wear magenta, either in a shirt or otherwise? I recently got a shirt which was a shade of magenta. Thoughts on this color?
Are the non-purple label Ralph Lauren Suits any good? These were on sale at the Polo outlet when I went there for under 300.
Any thoughts on this one?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJATL Wow I tried to find info on him on the web but was unsuccessful somehow. I never visited the store myself. My Dad did. Anyway, I have an extremely NWT gaudy gold tie that my Dad also bought for me. Anyway, the tag has a photo similar to the website front page. Thanks for the info. Gold tie....
Quote: Originally Posted by RJATL I've never even tried it on fully. I did put the jacket on when it was 1st given to me. I guess I may be able to convince my wife to take a photo of me with the jacket on some time tomorrow. Take care. I mean does it overlap like int he photo? Or is that just the way it is hanging? I want your run of the mill 2 button SB suit.
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