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Silver Needle is one of my main teas of choice. My favorite non-flavored tea.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Happy Stroller Go with Half Canvas' recommendation. If you're just starting a career, you'll gain weight within a few months and by another two years' you may have even outgrown this suit. IMO, there's no need to have alterations as it looks very good on you. Don't know what you were trying to portray with your hands, but it's impossible to see whether the length of the sleeves fit your arm lnegth. When the tie has...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad At your age, that makes sense. When you get to the point in life where you know you're not going to outgrow it, buying a nice tux rather than renting a crappy one makes a lot of sense. I hate the look of tux's though. I guess if I intended to attend formal events frequently I might consider it.
All proms I have been to have been Tuxedo only, but who knows. I would never buy a tux.
I'm a 39" chest, and this is a 40R so it in no way is the end of the world that it may be a little big NOW. I love this suit too much to just resale it and get some cheap Canadian fused suit, which is all I could afford otherwise. :0 Also I am a 33" waist and these are 34" pants, they stay on but could use a little tailoring. A 32" pant fits me a bit too tight for my tastes one the shirt it tucked in.
Quote: Originally Posted by HalfCanvas BTW -- you look young. You'll likely grow into the suit as you get older (you'll put on either muscle or fat ). So, if you got a good price on it, why not keep it and use it a few years down the line. Yea thats what I plan on doing. I doubt how long I will be able to fit in a 38R. I am about to start working out more and adding a few inches on the chest so thats why it may look a tad big right now
Heres some more pics:
Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre Looks pretty good IMHO. How is the fit behind the neck? Any rippling? If not you scored pretty well fit-wise. Nope fits me perfect, I was amazed at how well it fits!
What do you guys think? Purchased from a fellow styleforum member.
Quote: Originally Posted by DeSica Yeah, and it's not like those guys have some sort of consistent running bias. I used to read that mag heavily, but stopped when some freinds and I noticed that they tend to under rate Cuban stuff and over rate Dominican stuff. Yea lets just say I had my dad blindly try 5 cigars: 1 cheapie for control 1 OpusX 1 Ghurka Legend (rated highest of group 95) 1 Trinidad y Reyes DR 1 Trinidad Reyes CUBA He went...
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