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Looking at myself in the mirror is looks like my left should is sitting higher up, and my right it more relaxed. What kind of doctor should I consult? Also, would you cuff these pants? They are pleated, but I am not so sure about it because of the design.
Yea I called her up and told her to hold off on letting the sleve down. Could the fact that I bowl constantly throughout the week with my right arm cause it to be somewhat stretched out?
When I was recently being fitted by my tailor it was discovered that my right arm is about 1" shorter than my left, and as such she reccomended shortening my right sleeve more than the left to keep the relative position of the sleeves equal. Is this normal to do?
Quote: Originally Posted by Charley P3R3, Good job on buying those. No matter what you read here, those are not "junk." And for the price, you really got a bargin. The balmoral style is a little dressier than the blucher wing tip - good for you. And the burgandy color will give them a bit of style, too. Keep working the "bay" to get a pair of black AE Park Avenues at a good deal. Then get some light brown / tan bluchers with some brouging. You'll...
I went to a frat party just the other day just to test the waters. At least the one I went to was like a stereotype strait from a teen movie. The guys were drunk and obnoixious, the girls were vapid and mostly cute. They did have some good bands though so it wasn't all bad. I think it really depends on your personality and each individual frat, but from what I have seen they are one in the same.
I know these are no comparison to the masterpieces in this thread, but how did I do? I did'nt really expect to win these, and these are my first pair of Oxfords (believe it or not).
I have a Monogram Canvas I am looking to sell if you are interested.
BAD NEWS, now my polo outlet wont get ANYTHING.
You are really overthinking it, most people on here will nit pick everything. Just wear what makes you feel confident, and dont look like a slob. No one is going to not hire you because you wore "the wrong shade of navy".
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy The green tie is fine, imo. It is a nice contrast to the blue suit, and looks good on you. Try not to gain weight, and just bring the suit to a knowledgeable tailor in your area, in all probability he knows what to do with it. Congratulations! Thanks
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