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Is canary yellow too bold of a color? It looks like it would be a nice pale yellow to wear with casual pants.
Are these shirts any good?
I can definately tell a difference. I love my Loro Piana polo!
I bought him a pair of Sea Island cotton socks. Seemed interesting, and something you can't find everywhere.
Whats your opinion on these cashmere Polo "made in england" socks?
Why is your picture taken strait from this auction?
I will take the BoC if you tell me the condition and what shade of blue these squares are.
My fathers birthday is approaching and I was looking at getting him some top of the line socks. Thing is I have no clue who makes the best socks. I was looking at getting him a pair of Polo cashmere socks, but I am not sure of the durability or wearablity in the warmer weather here in SC. What sock brands are the best?
all gone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tampan There are folks who cuff everything, and some who are uncuffable, it is a matter of taste. But if you were somewhat in the middle (tho not inclined to cuff just one leg) then you might consider that the trousers are fairly formal in design (though not true "formal striped trousers") and formal pants shouldn't be cuffed. Also, cuffs break the long line created by trousers, reinforced further by your stripes. This would...
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