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Now THAT is colorfull.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 What's your inseam? I'll double check, but yes, I'm fairly certain they won't be seen. Sorry, #7 is gone. They fly out the door sometimes when the list hits. 33" inseam.
I love Loro Piana, never had their button downs though.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I'd say 7, 11, 12, and 14 are the best here for summer, but it depends on your definition of summer. New England, definitely. They'd be great. Texas, maybe not. The cords are made from pretty thin material, and the wool pair is not very heavy. I live in South Carolina, so I guess it gets pretty hot. On #14, those stains will be unseen when these are cuffed correct? On #7, are these Super 120's?
Which of the Size 34 would be most appropriate for summer?
Does versace come in plastic bags like that?
Oh man this makes me so angry, exactly what I wanted.
I have two wallets, a Louis Vuitton Canvas and a Purple Label Hipster wallet. I prefer the Purple Label.
Where are these shirts made?
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector the collective searching ability on this site astounds me. I am famous in my group of friends for being an Internet super-sleuth.
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